Можно пожалуйста топик по английскойму(эссе)на тему телевидения,плюсы и минусы)


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Television in our lives
It is common knowledge that television has become the most popular entertainment in our home life. Now fewer and fewer people go out in the evening, preferring to stay at home and enjoy themselves sitting in comfortable armchairs in front of TV-screens and watching either “live” TV or films on video.

In Russia people can choose among lots of channels. Some of them are commercial: they are Discovery, Travel Channel or CNN in English. The others, such as Russia 1, belong to the federal government. A great number of central channels make their viewers watch advertisements, as the main part of the money they get, comes from advertising. So between and during programmes we have to watch advertisements for chewing-gum, soap, washing-machines, detergents and many other items we do not require at the moment.

There is a special channel broadcasting lots of sports events such as championships, competitions, races, games and interviews with sportsmen and sportswomen. There are also several channels transmitting regional programmes and news and a channel “Culture”, composed of cultural programmes.

As a rule, adults prefer to watch news. This is broadcast, shown at regular intervals at the main channels and both national and international current events are discussed at panel discussions. As for programmes for children, on Russian TV we have a special channel, called “Сarousel”, where educational programmes, animated cartoons and films are on all through the day. Needless to say, that a large part of TV time is occupied by serials which are shown by almost every channel and are often criticized for their poor quality.

Of course, we can call some TV programmes really informative and entertaining. Among them there are “KVN”, “What? Where? When”, “Romanticism of Romance” and others. But at the same time a large part of TV shows and films produces a negative effect on spectators, especially on teenagers, who like to spend a lot of time in front TV. Scenes of violence and crime presented in thrillers, horror and detective films mostly of foreign production can inflict damage on a child’s mind, and we should never forget about it.