This is just right for a cold winter’s day, and is
both 1) …… and cheap. If you use dried peas, 2) …… them for at least twelve
hours in cold water. Drain them and put them in a large 3) ……. with plenty of
water. Bring them to the boil, and then let them simmer gently 4) ……. the peas
are soft. I find it easier to use 5) ……. peas, which are already cooked. This
6) ……. time, and also guarantees that the peas will be soft, since it can take
hours of boiling before they 7) …… . Two small 450 gram cans are usually 8) …….
. Strain the peas, but keep some of the liquid for the soup. 9) ……. about three
tablespoons of olive oil in a clean saucepan, and gently heat a chopped 10) …….
, two or three cloves of garlic and some 11) …….. carrot. 12) …….. half the
peas and turn them in the oil over a low heat. Meanwhile blend the remaining
peas in a food 13) …….. until they make a smooth cream. Add about half a litre
of water to the vegetables and bring to the boil. Mix in the creamed peas and
cook slowly. Add salt and 14) ……... and a pinch of mixed herbs. You can also
add a stock cube or other vegetables. Some 15) ……… add lemon juice at the end.
Serve hot with plenty of bread.

A) expensive B) tasty C) worth D) cold

A) soak B) bury C) wash D) water

A) kettle B) mug C) sink D) saucepan

A) when B) until C) if D) enough

A) the B) to C) canned D) crude

A) makes B) takes C) saves D) gives

A) soften B) harden C) widen D) lengthen

A) much B) enough C) mine D) few

A) Grate B) Peel C) Beat D) Pour

A) onion B) up C) one D) water

A) melted B) beaten C) poached D) sliced

A) One B) Then C) Add D) Serve

A) just B) not C) dish D) mixer

A) paper B) puppy C) pepper D) poppy

A) cookers B) cooks C) cookery D) chiefs


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