Напишіть будь-ласка з англійської мови 10 речень з минулим часом, 10 речень з теперішнім часом, 10 речень з майбутнім)


Ответы и объяснения

1. I was at the cinema last week.
2. The children went to the seaside last summer.
3. She cooked breakfast with her Mum yesterday.
4. We helped them last evening.
4. He did his homework yesterday.
5. It was snowy.
6. I didn't go to the theatre last night.
7. Did you like the play?
8. We collected coins.
9. Tom didn't see him.
10. It wasn't foggy.

1. I am cooking now.
2. You are going to school.
3. He is sleeping at the moment.
4. We are helping Mum.
5. Bill is swimming now.
6. Are they drinking milk?
7. I am not wearing a jacket now.
8. We are running now.
9. She isn't sleeping now.
10. Is he reading a book now?

1. I will do this.
2. You 
will get the letter next week.
3. Ron will read books next summer.
4. I will not go to school tomorrow.
5. She will do these sums.
6. Will they swim?
7. I will write to you next Sunday!
8. We will not sing that song.
9. I will drink tea with milk and sugar.
10. You will not win the race tomorrow.