1. Is cinema a popular art nowadays? Do people ofter go to the1. Is cinema a popular art nowadays? Do people ofter go to the cinema? What about your family and friends? 2. Where do you like to sit when you go to the cinema? 3. Do you think television and video influence the popularity of cinema? In what way? 4. Which of the two arts, cinema or theatre is more popular? Why do you think it is so? 5. What are the most popular cinemas in the place where you live? Where are they situated? 6. What war or historical films do you know? Do you like such films? 7. What famous cartoons are made in Russia/ in the USA? Can you say a few about their characters? 8. Do you think small children should be allowed to watch horror film? Why (not)? 9. Why do you think a lot of people are insterested in documentaries? 10. What are your favourite kinds of film?


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1.       Cinema is rather popular art nowadays. People often go to the cinema. All my friends and family`s members are interested in cinema.
2.       When I go to the cinema, I like to sit in the centre of the hall.
3.       I think television and video influences the popularity of cinema because they provide us with advertisements of the future films. They recall mind to new films.
4.       In general, it depends on the city. If the city is big, cinema and theatre are equally popular, if the city is small, cinema is more popular than theatre.
5.       The most popular cinema in my city is the Victory’s cinema (кинотеатр Победы). It is situated in the cenrte of the city.
6.       There are many historical and war films, for ex. A зори здесь тихие - the dawns here are quiet, На западном фронте без перемен - All Quiet on the Western Front, В бой идут одни старики - the old ones go in the battle, пять невест - five brides (it is a modern film). I like these films very much.
7.       Disney`s cartoon are the most famous cartoons made in the USA. Soyuzmultfilm`s cartoons are the most famous cartoons made in Russia. All characters of cartoons are funny, bright and interesting.
8.       I think small children should not be allowed to watch horror film. Because such films have a bad influence on children`s mind.
9.       I think a lot of people are interested in documentaries. Through such films, people learn some interesting details of the fact or action.
10.   I like watching detective stories, I like to investigate different crimes and accidents.