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Dear Mr and Mrs Reeves,

1) I am writing to let you know that I have arrived home safely and to thank you for your kindness during my stay with you. 1).......with you and I will never forget you.

2) 2).... everything you did to make my stay so pleasant. Is made to feel at home. I loved my room, and I must say that Mrs Reeves cooking is amazing. My mum is going to try some of the recipes you gave me.

3) I think my English improved a lot dunng my stay. 3)....... was our interesting conversations during dinner in the evenings. I even understand jokes now thanks to Mr Reeves' great sense of humour!

4) 4).... your generosity and your hospitality. I hope we will keep in touch and perhaps you could visit us one day.

Best regards, Jun


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1. I had a wonderful time with you
2. Thank you once again for
3. What helped me most
4. I appreciate