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We can't imagine our life without sport, because it takes an importan part in our life/ There are a lot of sports such as : football, voleyball, basketball, figure skating and so on.

As for me i prefer to play voleyball/ I played voleyball all the 4 year round. More than that i have won 2 gold medals and silver one. Also I and my friends like watching football on TV. I invite my friends with overing stay, we buy potato chips and cola and watching match. I very upset, when my favourite team lose.

I think that all people all over the world should play sports regularly. Sport helps you stay healthy and makes peopl strong,organized, disciplind and so on. as the saying says : "A sound mind in a sound body"

 (Последнее предложение поясняю - Как говориться в пословице :"В здоровом теле-здоровый дух")