Найди в рассказе об Анином выходном глаголов-дракош в плащах.
Правильные глаголы: Без плаща, в плаще.
Неправильные глаголы: Без плаща, в плаще.

Ann and I had a very nice day yesterday. It was Sunday and her Mum and Dad were at home. She got up late, brushed her teeth and washed her face. She went to the kitchen and helped her mother cook breakfast. They had breakfast together. The day started as usual, but then Ann's father had an idea. He said, "We must go for a walk." "But I wanted to buy new clothes," the mother said. "And I wanted to ride on the London Eye," Ann said. "We can go to the city centre and do all these things," said the father. And they went to the city centre and bought new clothes for Mum and Ann. After that they rode on the London Eye and walked in the park.
At 2 p.m. Ann said, "I'm hungry." "I know a very interesting cafe," I said to Ann. "But you must close your eyes. Don't look. It's a surprise." Ann and her parents closed their eyes and went into the cafe. They heard the sounds of water and rain, a monkey cried, a lion roared. They opened their eyes - they were in the rainforest. They saw green trees and funny toy animals. It was winter in the street, but in that cafe it was summer. The food was interesting too. They had Rainforest Soup, a Flying Dragon pizza and a sweet chocolate Volcano. I had a piece of Ann's pizza. I don't like sweet things.
Ann really liked the cafe and her father bought her a small toy elephant in the souvenir shop.


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Правильные глаголы:brushed,washed,helped,wanted,walked,closed,roared,opened,liked,cried.
Неправильные глаголы:had,was,were,got up ,went,said,bought,rode,