Ответы и объяснения

I believe that friendship is tested by time ! Typically , friends for life occur in childhood. They grow up together, know each other as himself , appeared in various situations , good and bad . As they say, " eat a peck of salt together ." That's when we can say that this is your true friend !
Although , in my opinion , the concept of a friend and a true friend is one and the same , so no idea how true friend does not exist. I think that one can not be present , it is someone else : a friend , a colleague , etc. In a word to each invested specific parameters , such as loyalty, honesty , understanding , speaking without words !
"Friendship is not measured by money ! "
In my opinion, irrelevant material wealth a person with whom you are friends . You and so there are many other points of contact for ! This person needs to understand you , you must have common interests ! And general classes !
From the above we can conclude that each is a person who understands me , always support in difficult times , just give the right advice , will never laugh at my mistakes and always rejoice over me!