Задайте вопрос к выделенным словам .
1.Peter bought presents for John yesterday
2.John arrived in London two hours ago.
3. We saw a rare parrot in the Zoo yesterday.
4.I answered John is letter last week.
5.Mare decided to change her school.
6.My friend went to the circus last month.
7.Nick finished school last year.
8.Mary knew a lot of tales in her childhood.
9.Kate visited her friend yesterday.
10.The children planted ten trees last year.


Ответы и объяснения

1 When did Peter buy presents for John?

2 How many hours ago did John arrive in London?

3 Where did you see a rare parrot yesterday ?

4 Whose letter you answered last week?/ Whose letter did you answer last week?

5 Whose school Mary decided to change?

6 Where did my friend go last month?

7 When did Nick finish school?

9 Whom did Kate visit yesterday?

10 How many trees did the children plant last year?
When did children plant ten trees?

1)When Peter bought presents for John?
2)When John arrived in London?
3)Where did we see a rare parrot yesterday?
Whose letter did I answer last week?здесь скорее ошибка не John is, а John's т.е. его
5)What did Mare decide to change?
6)Where did my friends go last month?
7)When did Nick finish school?
8) Who knew a lot of tales  in her childhood?
8)What Mary was known in her childhood?
8) When did Mary know a lot of tales?
9)Whom did Kate visit yesterday?
10)How many trees did children plant last year?
10)When did children planted 10 trees?