Use the Present Indefinite Passive, the Past Indefinite Passive and the Future Indefinite Passive:1. Mickey Mouse (to create) by Walt Disney.2. The letters (to send) every day.3. The story (to translate) tomorrow.4. Rice (to eat) with chopsticks in China.5. Roses (to grow) in greenhouses in winter?6. America (not to discover) in 1942.7. Disneyland (to open) in California in 1955.8. This film still (to show) regularly at the cinema.9. These papers (not to look) through in two hours.


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1. was created
2. are sent
3. will be translated
4. is eaten
5. are grown (если это вопрос, то are roses grown in...)
6. wasn't discovered
7. was opened
8. is still shown
9. will not be looked (или won't be looked)