Ребята помогите!Надо сочинение по английскому написать.На тему:поход в театр!!!!!

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There are not many theatres in my town, but they are all very popular with the public. I am a theatre lover, too. As for me, I prefer drama to all other theatres, but I also like opera and musical comedy. I’ll never forget my first visit to the Opera and Ballet Theatre. My friend and I wanted to see the famous ballet “Swan Lake” by Tchaikovskyi. We bought the tickets in advance and came to the theatre half an hour before the show. At 7 sharp the performance began. From the very first minute I was deeply impressed by everything I saw on the stage. The costumes were fine. The dancing and music were thrilling. The ballet seemed to me a fairy-tale. I had never seen anything more wonderful. My friend also enjoyed every minute of it. When the curtain fell at the end of the performance, there came a storm of applause. It seemed that it would never end. The dancers received call after call. They were presented with large bouquets of flowers. We also applauded enthusiastically. The performance was a great success. Перевод: В моем городе не так много театров, но все они очень популярны среди населения. Я тоже любитель театра. Что касается меня, я предпочитаю драматический всем другим театрам, но я также люблю оперу и музыкальную комедию. Я никогда не забуду мой первый визит в Театр оперы и балета. Мой друг и я хотели посмотреть знаменитый балет Чайковского "Лебединое озеро". Мы купили билеты заранее, и пришли в театр за полчаса до шоу. Ровно в 7 началось представление. С первой же минуты я был глубоко впечатлен всем, что видел на сцене. Костюмы были хороши. Танцы и музыка были захватывающими. Балет показался мне сказкой. Я никогда не видел ничего прекраснее. Мой друг и я наслаждались каждой минутой. Когда занавес опустился в конце спектакля, раздался взрыв аплодисментов. Казалось, что этому не будет конца. Танцоров вызывали снова и снова. Им подарили большие букеты цветов. Мы также аплодировали с энтузиазмом. Спектакль имел большой успех.
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Once their parents gathered at the theater. This visit was organized dad, he was always not indifferent to the theatre. We used to argue about who will wear, what to drive, what to take, and so on. These charges us a little exhausted. but dad told me that the theatre is his dream, in the childhood he never missed a single performance. mother was with him agreed and we went. in the foyer was dazzlingly bright and beautiful, we were surrounded by very smart men and their companions, they were all in anticipation of something unusual and smiled. In the theater I was first, and I was here all surprised. Yet it was all so wonderful. The bell rang, then another. The show began. Room was quiet and I hear the ticking of the mother's of hours. the actors were so important and courteous, they amused the audience, spoke different replica hall and laughed. It was a Comedy. Dad was beaming with joy. Mom smiled, and sometimes looked at me. I liked the performance, this cosy and a great room, cushioned Seating, and the public. And the actors, their skills were at the highest level. When the Comedy is over, everyone rose in unison and applauded the group. The performance was a success! In the evening we still for a long time it was discussed and fell asleep just after midnight, happy and fulfilled.