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To stay healthy, a person must not only exercise and give up bad habits, but also to carefully watch what he eats.Nutritionists around the world continue to stubbornly argue about what kind of foods are the most useful to man.According to scientists, the first title of the "most useful products," earned berries. Especially emphasize the researchers properties of blueberries.The list of the most useful food came and nuts, and a separate view of scientists do not emit - useful for everything. Nuts are a source of many vitamins, minerals, proteins, healthy fats.Onions and garlic - certainly healthy food, and scientists confirm this. As a treasure-trove of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, mineral oils, these foods have a positive effect on the entire human body.Harmful food - how much do we eat it for his life? Much. How much it affects our beauty and health? Very much.Most harmful food is sweet carbonated drinks, potato chips, chocolate bars, fast food, candy, hot dogs, sausages, sausages, alcohol, salt, etc.Any, even the most healthy meal can be harmful if not comply with the measure. Follow this - and your health, and your beauty will tell you very much, thanks!
Вот...это на тему полезная и вредная еда