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1. "What's
the name of that girl?" Jack asked В

2. "I
usually go for a walk after school," my friend said.

3. "I have
some problems with Maths. Can help me?" Ann asked me.

4. "Have
you watered the flowers?" Mum ask

5. "Don't make
dog's ears when you read and return the book to the library in time," the
librarian said to the reader.

6. "I'm
sorry, Mum. I've broken your favourite vase. But I'll buy another one for
you," Mike said

7. Mum: "What
are you doing here under the table?”

Bob: "I'm looking for my pen.”

8. Granny: "Ann,
close the window, please. It's very cold in the room."

9. Teacher: "Stop
fighting, boy!"

10. Jane: "How
often do you go to the theatre?"

Tim: "When I have free time. I'm going tonight, too.
Let's go together."

Jane: "Thank you. With great pleasure."


Ответы и объяснения

1. Jack asked B the name of the girl.
2. My friend said that he usually went for a walk after school.
3. Ann asked me to help her with Maths, because she had some problems with it.
4. Mum asked if I had watered the flowers.
5. The librarian said to the reader not to make dog's ears when he read and return the book to the library in time.
6. Mike excused to Mum for breaking her favourite vase and promised to buy another one.
7. Mum asked Dan what he was doing under the table. Dan said thet he was looking for his pen.
8. Granny asked Ann to close the window. because it was very cold in the room.
9. Teacher ordered boys to stop fighting.
10. Jane wondered Tim how often he went to the theatre. Tim said that he went when he had free time. He said that he was going that night and suggested to go together. Jane agreed and thanked.