1)The Hays (seem) to be a really happy family.
2)Bad news (travel) fast.
3)Three weeks later I ( leave) for Moskow.
4)I (to get up) very late yesterday.
5)My parents ..(go) to Moskow next week.
6)...she (travel)around Europe?Yes she ...
7) What do yesterday?
8)Where go next summer?
9)It (take) me half an hour to get to the college.
10)I go to my college ..bus.
11)There are a lot of books in the ...
12)As a rule,she (knit) sweaters for my brother.
13)She always (help) me with my homework.


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1) The Hays seem to be a really happy family.
2) Bad news travel fast. 
3) Three weeks ago I left for Moscow.
4) I got up very late yesterday.
5) My parents will go to Moscow next week.
6) Has she travelled around Europe? Yes, she has.
7) What did you do yesterday?
8) Where will you go next summer?
9) It takes me half an hour to get to the college.
10) I go to my college by bus.
11) There are a lot of books in the library.
12) As a rule she knits sweaters for my brother.
13) She always helps me with my homework.