Народ! Помогите с английским... Дам 30 баллов и лучшее решение! Заранее благодарю.)))
I was watching the Oscar nominations this year and was so surprised to
see dogs as nominees. I couldn't have thought that animals were taken as
serious artists.
By the way I've seen a nice comedy lately. Do
you have any favourite style in movies? Do you like musicals? Do you
fancy watching an old film somewhat of the eighties or something like?

надо само письмо написать в формате гиа!
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 Dear Ben,
I'm sorry I haven't written for so long.I was busy preparing for a difficult test.It was nice to receive your letter.
Talking about my favourite styles in movies I can cite the example of fantasy and sci-fi. I like these styles because They usually have a fascinating plot and they leave good emotions.
I like musicals too. Such as a recent musical "les Miserables". It is worth to watch.
 I suppose that old films are boring and I prefer modern films. So I don't want to watch the film.
 I'm looking forward to hearing from you.
Best wishes,
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