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The News on TV

Do you watch the news on TV?

B4 Before television, people often ____________ to the cinema to watch the news. GO

B5 In those days, they ___________ also listen to the news on the radio CAN

But they weren’t able to see anything.

B6 Of course, newspapers ___________ people the news for GIVE

hundreds of years.

B7 Even today, however, a daily newspaper gives ___________ readers IT

yesterday’s news and the only pictures are photographs.

B8 The introduction of television ____________ the daily news, with BRING

moving pictures, into people’s homes for the first time.

B9 In the beginning, people _____________ the news on TV whenever NOT GET

they wanted it, because it was only broadcast at certain times of day.

B10 These days, there are a number of TV news channels _____________ PROVIDE

the news 24 hours a day.

B11 If you want the ___________ news, just turn on one of those channels LATE

at any time of day or night.


Ответы и объяснения

B6-had been giving
B9-did not get