1)Put the appropriate verb form

1 If only I _______ ____________ more time for my hobbies. (have)

2 I wish it ___________________ more often in Valencia. (rain)

3 I wish I ___________________ to go to your nephew's wedding. (have NEGATIVE)

4 If only it ___________________ . The garden's as dry as a bone. (rain)

5 I wish Samantha ___________________ her hair more often. It looks so greasy all the time. (wash)

6 I wish you ___________________ so horrible to your brother. He's a really nice bloke. (be NEGATIVE)

7 I wish the council ___________________ that beautiful old house. It is part of the town's heritage. (demolish NEGATIVE)

8 If only I ___________________ the money to go to Jon's wedding in The States. (have)

9 I wish you ___________________ to your mother like that. (speak NEGATIVE)

10 I wish Jorge ___________________ so fast. It's only a matter of time before he kills someone. (drive NEGATIVE)


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1/ had; 2/ rained; 3/ didn't have to; 4/ rained; 5/ washed; 6/ were not; 7/ did not demolish; 8/ had; 9/ didn't speak; 10/ didn't drive