Complete the text. Use: outdoor, rich, skating, founded, roller, hundreds, playgrounds, enjoy.

Park is a nice park in the centre of New york, the United States. It
was founded in 1857. The park is not very large but it is rich in trees, green bushes, beautiful flowers and small lakes. Central park is famous for its outdoor activities.
People can run, jog, ride their bikes and playgrounds skate on the
numerous park's roads. There are many baseball fields and courts for
tennis and volleyball. Central Park has two ice skating rinks. Children like walking in the park because it is full of amazing playgroungs. There is also a zoo with a penguin house and a polar bear pool in the park. Each summer, visitors can founded performances and music concerts in the park. Hundreds of people visit Central Park every day.
b) write questions about Central Park.
Where is Central Park situated? - In New York.
2.₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋? - No, it isn't large. 3. ₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋? -
For its outdoor activities. 4. ₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋? - yes, they
can. 5. ₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋? - Because there are many playgrounds and
zoo. 6. ₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋₋? - In summer.

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2. Is this park large?
4. Can people run, jog, ride ... ?
5. Why children like walking in the park?
6. When visitors can found performances?