Поставьте предложения в Past и Future Indefinite, употребив наречия: last year, a year ago, next year, in ...year2 My wife studies at the Polytechnic University.
3. My father works as a bricklayer.
4. I am in the Army.
5. There are four rooms in our flat.
6. My sister teaches physics at school.
7. Do you work? Where do you work?
8. Does your sister clean the house?


Ответы и объяснения

2. My wife studied at the polytechnic a year ago.
My wife will study at the polytechnic in 2 years.
3. My father worked as a bricklayer last year.
My father will work as a bricklayer next year.
4. I was in the army a year ago.
I will be in the army in 2 years.
5. There were four rooms in our flat last year.
There will be four rooms in our flat next year.
6. My sister taught physics at school a year ago.
My sister will teach physics at school in 3 years.
7. Did you work? Where did you work last year?
Will you work? Where will you work next year?
8. Did you sister clean the house last year?
Will your sister clean the house next year?