Ask questions to the sentences.
1)He started skating at the age of seven.
2)The athlete has never taken illegal substances.
3)Her elder brother was addicted to heroin.

Open the brackets
1.We (replace) your computer if there's something wrong with it.
2.If he didn't like this job,he (do) something else.
3.If I (have) a bigger house,I might have more pets.
4.If I had made the reservations,I (book) a better hotel.
5.We will call you when he (come)back.


Ответы и объяснения

1)When did he started skating.2)What has the athlete taken never.3)Who was eddicted to heroin.)))))))))))))
1)will replace? 2)Will do? 3)остается также, 4)will book 5)остается также