Choose again from the rainforest.You wont't believe this,but I 1)sit/am sitting on a small boat on a river in South America. I 2) don't know / am not knowing the name of the river in england,but now we 3)travel / are travelling through the rainforest. it's really hot and water 4) drips/ is dripping from my face. so I 5)apologize / am apologizing for my bad handwriting. the bateries of my camera 6) run out/arerunning out too so don't expect many photos. the other problem here is the rain. it 7) rains / is raining nearly every day which is why they 8)call / are calling it a rainforest I 9) have /am having a really good time and 10) find out/ am finding out a lot about the flora and fauna in the rainforest. the thees here 11) grow/ are growing to 60 metres which 12) makes / is making it very dark all the time in the forest . there aren't really any paths and people 13) travel/are travelling everywhere by water or by plane. of course we ecotiurists 14)take/ are taking this trip for fun because we 15) want / are wanting to. what els can I tell you. well everything 16) smells/ is smelling really bad here.And it's very noisy because the birds and animals 17)seem/ are seeming to stay awake all night. ugh sorry a horrible sprider 18) crawls/ is crawling along my leg.


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1)am sitting 2) don't know  3) are travelling  4) is dripping  5) apologize 6) are running 7) rains 8) call 9) am having 10) am finding 11) grow 12) makes  13) travel 14) take
15) want 16) smells 17)seem 18) is crawling