1. Модальные глаголы. закончи предложеи, вставив нужный модальный глагол
-I (have to\may\can)play football well.
-Vera(have to\can\must)speak English well.
-Mike is a good friend.He (can\may\must)keep secrets.
-You(have to\can\must)ask him for help.
-You(can\may\have to)learn this poem by heart.
-Itis green. You(can\may\have to) cross the street.
-You are well. You(can\may\have to) go to school.
-She (can\may\have to) buy this book tomorrow, the shop will be open.
-He doesn't like water. He(can\may\must) travel by train.
-Nastya(can\may\must) wear her uniform when she goes to school.
2. предлоги.
-what are you looking (in\at\after)?
-where did he get this picture(from\by\in)?
-polly got ill. the doctor was send(for\about\by).
-He told us(after\on\about)his trip to the mountains.


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