I. Переделайте предложения в Passive Voice.

1. He published the book last year.

2. We use these clothes only on special occasions.

3. Somebody switched on the light and opened the door.

4. They will give you an answer in some days.

5. Who wrote this novel?

6. They showed her the easiest way to do it.

7. We have looked for the telegram everywhere.

8. Nobody had visited him.

9. They will have finished the work by twelve.

10. We shall not admit children under sixteen.


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1. The book was published by him last year.   2. These clothes are used only on special occasions by us.   3. The light was switched on by somebody and the door was opened.   4. An answer will be given you by them in some days.   5. By whom was this novel written?   6. The easiest way to do it was showed her by them.   7. The telegram has been looked for everywhere by us.   8. He had been visited by nobody.   9. The work will have been finished by twelve by them.   10. children under sixteen shall not been admitted by us.