II. Косвенная речь.

1. "I'm going away tomorrow, mother", he said.

2."I've been to London for a month but I haven't had time to visit the Tower".

said Roger.

3. "Nothing grows in the garden as it never gets any sun", she said.

4. "It isn't so foggy today as it was yesterddy",I remarked.

5. "'We have a lift but very often it doesn't work", they said. .

6. "From the window of my flat I can see the river", said my frieird.

7. "You can keep that book, if you like, Joan",-. she said.

8. "I'll sit here till she comes in, but I hope she won't be late", said the stranger.

9. "Who put salt in my coffe e? " he asked.

10. "Whv is Petrov absent? " the teacher asked.


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1.He told his mother that he was going away the next day.
2.Roger said that he had benn to London for a month but he hadn't had time to visit the Tower.
3.She said that nothing grew in her garden as it never got any sun.
I said that it wasn't so foggy that day as it was the day before.
They said thar they had a lift but very often it didn't work.
My friend said that from the window of his flat he could see the river.
She told Joan that she could keep that book, if she liked.
The stranger said that he would sit there till she came in, but he hoped she wouldn't be late.
He asked who had put salt in his coffee.
The teacher asked why Petrov was absent.