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1. On the other hand, tv has got its disadvantages.
2. There are certain disadvantages to using mobile phones.
3. The internet has certainly got its advantages.
4. There is no doubt that going to university helps your future.


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1. TV has some disadvantages. First of all while you watch TV you can read book, because it more interesting and it help you to be more clever.  Secondly, if you watch TV more than 2 hour every day, you can lost your good eyesight.  It's bad for your body.

2.Mobile phone are not very good for us. Mobile phone help to speak with people, but if you very often use your mobile phone, it can damage your health. I think, speak with people without telephone is the best for us.

3. Internet - modern technology. In our life internet is very important. Internet help to know new information, and help in work. Now if you want to get many money, you must know how to work in internet.

4. Every clever person must study in university. University it's hight level. University can help you with  give good job. If you finish university it's helps your future, you become clever person with good opportunities.