Нужно 3 абзаца. 1. на переднем плане 2. на заднем плане 3. общее состояние природы на картине

Мартовское солнце. Юон
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Тhe famous painting by Konstantin Fedorovich Yuon - «the March sun.» This landscape reveals to us the joyful feeling of imminent arrival of spring, although the whole earth is wrapped in white snow blanket. White-faced birches, gathered in a circle, looking forward to the arrival of spring, which will give them a bright green, new clothes. And the old hornbeam, creeping slowly stretch their heavy branches to sunlight. March rays of gold and dazzle the rooftops and bare tree tops. Carved village house, slightly bent over, put their sides March to the warm sun, knowing that, although the heat is deceptive, spring will soon come into its own.
On a country road going riders - peasant lads. Who knows, maybe on behalf of one of the parents, and not without demand riding horses. Snow clearly leaves footprints of horses ' hoofs, and it seems like we hear crackling snow crusts. Peasant children had just left the village. We see that behind cheerfully barks black dog, playing with someone got out of the yard bright chestnut foal, as if urging him to return back home.
The sky filled with bright blue color, because of this, the canvas gets incredible brightness of colours! Transparent snow-white clouds slowly float behind the back, as if seeing young riders. Hanging in the air cheerful spring spirit, the whole picture is permeated by them. I want all inhale the squeaky-frosty the March air! Soon, very soon will flow streams with the village roofs, happily zambetul birds in all voices, the trees will be cut first buds will come true, long-awaited spring!