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Labour made from а monkey a man. I belive that there is no negative side in working. In order to succeed in life we must have work that brings us not unly profit, but satisfaction.              
First of all, work makes us busy. If we have a deal we will not have useless ideas that are not connected with our job. For instance, if a doctor has an operation he doesn't think about  anything esle , but to cure a patient              
Secondly, work gives us kind of social life. When we get enough social emotions we feel satisfied and we have only positive emotions. This is reason why working people are not violent.             
 The main purpose of work is bringing profit. Person who works hard,does all of his job and obeys the rules will not only get his money , but he also has a chance to get a promotion.             
 To conclude, I want to say that there is no bad jobs or carriers , only if it's a crime job. Every job is honorable and does good for the society