1. Помогите пожалуйста
Look! Ann just (to draw) a nice picture. Yesterday she
(to draw) a nice cat.

Nick (to begin) to read when he was 4 years old. Last
week he (to begin) to read an interesting book.

We (to travel) to the seaside this year. Last year we
(to travel) to the mountains.

I already (to
understand) the text.

Pete (to make) many mistakes in his last dictation. He
never (to make) so many mistakes.

You ever (to spend) holidays at the seaside? I (to
spend) my last summer holidays at the seaside.

I am not hungry. I just (to eat) a hamburger.

We (to have) a good time at the party yesterday.

Ann (to find) a puppy this week.
I think it is very nice.

10. I (to send) my
Granny a telegram yesterday. I usually (to send) her telegrams on her birthday.

11. You ever (to grow)
a tree?

12. You ever (to be) to
Paris? I (to
be) there last year.

13. She never (to
visit) the Tower
of London.

14. He (to speak) to
mother yet?

15. I (to read) this book.
You can take it.

16. Nick is very sorry:
he (to break) his mother’s favourite cup.

17. We (to have) to get
up early yesterday.

18. My sister just (to
wake up).

19. They never (to
keep) a dog in the house. They (to keep) a cat last year.

20. ​She already (to
say) it twice.

помогите пожалуйста очень нужно!
мне помоги

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