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10 предложений Tag-questions Первая часть положительная вторая отрицательная.
10 предложений Tag-questions Первая часть отрицательная вторая положительная.
10 предложений Tag-questions со словами to be, is, am, are, was ,were, to have, has, had, will/shell,can/could, would/must.
10 предложений Tag-questions со словами do/does или did.
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1- You are 10, aren't you?
They are from London, aren't they?
We are friends, aren't we?
She is married, isn't she?
Cats like fish, don't they?
Giraffes are smart, aren't they?
We go to school every day, don't we?
He is hungry, isn't he?
It is raining, isn't it?
I like coffee, aren't I?

2- She isn't kind, is she?
We don't have much bread, do we?
I haven't been to England, have I?
They don't watch comedies, do they?
You can't swim, can you?
The pupils didn't read the text, did they?
They didn't buy car, did they?
We didn't meet yesterday, did we?
You haven't seen this film, have you?
The sun isn't shining today, is it?

3- He is smart, isn't he?
I am slim, aren't I?
They are from Britain, aren't they?
He was at school at 12 o'clock yesterday, wasn't he?
They were friends, weren't they?
You haven't seen this movie, have you?
He has never been to Spain, has he?
Не had been very famous, hadn't he?
We will go there together, won't we?
You can't read, can you?

4- He didn't come, did he?
She didn't visit us, did she?
We called for a doctor, didn't we?
They went to school, didn't they?
We don't drink milk, do we?
They don't like dogs, do they?
He doesn't like reading, does he?
She never writes letters, does she?
We often go shopping together, don't we?
He doesn't like tennis, does he?