1 «Go home!» — said my father. 2 «Don’t play in the street, it’s dangerous,» said his uncle. 3 «Make your beds quickly!» said the teacher. 4 «Go and buy something to eat,» said his grandmother. 5 «Change your clothes, Mike,» said his mother. 6 «Don’t let the dog into the room,» said Ruth. 7 «Clean the bath after you have taken the shower,» said Mary. 8 «Prepare your exercise-books,» said the teacher. 9 «Are you having your classes tomorrow?» asked Mum. 10 «Is it raining at the moment?» asked the man. 11 «Do you travel there every summer?» asked the guide. 12 «Does your friend count well?» asked the career adviser. 13 «Can you speak Italian?» wondered the woman. 14 «Have you ever seen a ghost?» asked the policeman. 15 «Did your father repair the fence?» said Nick. 16 «Were you able to visit them last Sunday?» asked the teacher. 17 «Was it snowing at this time last winter?» asked the weatherman. 18 «Have you paid for your ticket, sir?» asked the conductor. 19 «Have you heard from them recently?» asked the detective. Переведите в косвенную речь))Пожалуйста)


Ответы и объяснения

Father said to go home. His uncle said not to play in the street, that's dangerous. Teacher said to make my bed quickly.. His grm said to go and buy smth to eat. И так далее..очень легко