21.Complete the sentences.

1)Baby Elephant asked his father, "Buy me ..., please,"

а) a new cap b) a new shirt с) a new T-shirt

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Father Elephant and Mother Elephant lived in Africa and they had a little Baby   Elephant.
     One day Father Elephant came home and saw that (что) his dear little Baby Elephant was sad.
     And Father Elephant asked, "Why are you sad, my little Baby Elephant?"
     Baby Elephant said, "Oh, Dad, I want to play in our school football team.  But my socks, T-shirt and shorts are too small and I can't put them on." "Don't worry, my dear!" said Father Elephant. "I'll buy you nice new clothes."
    They came to Mrs Lion's shop.
"Good morning, Mrs Lion," said Father Elephant,
"Good morning, Mr Elephant!" said Mrs Lion. "Can I help you?"
"Have you got any nice socks for my little Baby Elephant? I want to buy him some new socks," said Father Elephant. "All our socks are too (слишком) small for your Baby Elephant. But wait (подождите) a little, and my little Lions will
  make him new beautiful socks."
    The little Lions made nice new yellow socks for Baby Elephant.
    Then Father Elephant paid (заплатил) for the socks and put them
 on Baby Elephant.

    Baby Elephant was very glad, and he said, "I like my new socks 
very much, thank you." "Let's buy you a new T-shirt and shorts now!" 
said Father Elephant. So they went to 
Mrs Tiger's shop.
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1)Baby Elephant asked his father, "Buy me a new T-shirt, please,"
Ответ: c.