Нужно сделать рассказ про Австралию на английском языке. Желательно такого размера чтоб можно было спокойно выучить и не забыть (не слишком мелкий и не большой ).


Ответы и объяснения

Australia is situated on the island continent. It also occupies the Island of Tasmania and some minor islands round the coast of the continent. 
It is a highly developed industrial-agrarian country. Its area is about 8 million km2. It is the only state in the world that occupies the territory of a whole continent. 
The capital of Australia is Canberra, which became the capital only in 1927. 
From 1787 to 1867 Australia was a place where criminals were sent from Britain. That is why the official language of Australia is English. 
Australia is one of the most unusual and exotic countries of the world. A significant feature of modern Australian society is the representation of a lot of cultures drawn from many lands by its people.