Напишите вопросы, чтобы завершить интервью с известным российским путешественником , Владимиром Лысенко.
A: Yes, I`ve been to lots of countries.
Q: When / start travelling?
A: When I was at school.
Q: Travel / down a river?
A: Yes I have. I have rafted down the highest mountain rivers of all the continents?
Q: Travel / around the world?
A: Once.
Q: How / travel?
A: By car.
Q: When / make / round-the-world car trip?
A: In 1997.
Q: How many countries / visit?
A: Sixty.


Ответы и объяснения

When did you start travelling?
Have you traveled down a river?
How many times have you travelled around the world?
How did you travel?
When did you make your round-the-world trip?
How many countries have you visited?