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Задание: Write the correct questions about the family.
1)Where ?
From Madeira.
2)When ?
At eight o'clock in the morning.
3)Where ?
In the basement,where he cooks pies and croquettes.
4)What ?
She works in the shop,serving teas and cappuccinos.
5)Where ?
In the basement,because he argues with his father.
6)Where ?
Upstairs 'with Mummy and Daddy'
7)When ?
On Sundays.
8)What ?
They watch Portuguese soaps on cable TV.


Ответы и объяснения

1. where are you from?
2. when do you wake up?
3. where does your father work?
4. what does your mother do?
5. where does your brother work?
6. where do you sleep?
7. when your family don't work?
8. what your family do on sundays?