Нужно написать сочинение на тему: Самочувствие и здоровье на английском языке, но не большое.


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For me personally, health - is, above all, a good mood, well-being, self-confidence, a desire to enjoy every day. For each of us is the key to health success in life and a normal performance. It is important to continuously monitor the health of the organism.Unfortunately, in light of the very few people who can boast of excellent health.
A lot of people suffer from pressure changes, and only some of them decided to apply for a medical examination and further treatment. Taking expensive tablets on the pressure, many think that it will normalize. Pharmacy shelves are filled by various drugs, which lower or raise blood pressure.
A huge number of people suffering from allergic diseases. To date, there are many medications for allergies, most of which can be freely bought in pharmacies without a prescription. But, unfortunately, none of these drugs can not guarantee complete freedom from this disease.
Health - is the most important value in life, do not buy it. Health can be saved by applying some effort. The health status of each of us depends on the lifestyle - daily habits, nutrition. Be healthy - that's what always sincerely wish all of you!