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arrows into the bull’s eye.
‘There are only three men left,’ said the Sheriff to his steward. ‘That beggar is a good archer. But the man to watch is William of London. Tell the soldiers to stand near him. l’m sure he is Robin Hood. He won’t escape me this time.'
Then the Sheriff stood up.
‘Move the targets back to three hundred and sixty paces! he shouted.
The crowd went silent as William of London stepped forward and pulled back the blue hcxxl of his cloak. He was tall and fair - just like the description of Robin Hood!
William took careful aim. He shot an arrow and hit the bulls eye, but he did not hit very near to its centre.
A good shot, said the Sheriff, ‘but Gilbert can do better. Hurrah for Gilbert!’
Hurrah for Gilbert!’ shouted the crowd
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iouk carerui aim. 1 he arrow Kir rk*. _ .
The crowd went wild. ‘Gilbert! GilblrtP i u^ ^
He has won,’ said the Sheriff ‘M к V ltc^'
won. He is better than Robin Hood.' amPion archer has
When the beggar stepped forward to take КU к ,
crowd were not watching him. They were ЫI ’ the
about Gilbert. talking excitedly