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Complete the sentences with a few, (very) few, a little, (very) little.
1Ben is having a lot of trouble adjusting to high school. He seems to be unpopular. Unfortunately, he has _____________ friends.
2 We are looking forward to our vacation. We are planning to spend __________ days with my folks and then ____________days with my husband's folks. After that, we are going to go to a fishing resort in Canada.
3 I was hungry, so I ate____________nuts.
4 Because the family is very poor, the children have______ toys. And the parents have to work two jobs, so they have_____ time to spend with their children.
5 Into each life, ______ rain must fall.
6 Natasha likes sweet tea. She usually adds_______honey to her tea. Sometimes she adds _______ milk too.


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1 a few
2 a few,a few
3 a few
4 a few,a little
5 a little
6 a little,a little