Даю много пунктов пожалуйста напишите сочинение на английском не очень замудреное 13-15 предложений на тему как я проведу весенние каникулы


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Every holidays - is the most waiting period in pupils life. because after hard work we all want and need to relax. holidays - the best variant to do this. I really like school holidays, especially spring holidays. because spring is my favourite season. it's when everything get alive, when the weather become warm and mild. on every holiday I go to my grandparents. I think, I will do this on this holidays too. because I really miss my grandmom and granddad. they can't come to me, so I will go to them. in their village I also have some friends. when we meet each other we always talk about our study life and life in general. So, I really wait of this spring holidays to meet my grandparents and my friends.