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My favorite sport - it's figure skating. I love this sport from childhood. I love dancing, so perhaps he and I like it. Figure skating - it's a very complicated sport. People are learning the sport for fifteen years, then just go on a big rink. Figure skating requires a large time commitment, the time from the man. A person should do that every day for several hours. This sport requires and material costs to play sports have to hire a coach for a certain amount of money. Pursuing this sport, risking their health. There are cases when people remain disabled for life.

Of the Russian skaters I like most about Irina Slutskaya. For me it is the most worthy figure skater in Russia. She is very persistent, clever, brave woman. Not everyone can get a great sport and to achieve such success as she is, especially after such words of trainers that could easily offend and humiliate. Seeing her coach told her that she could not figure skating, sports in general that this was not for her. In spite of everything she was worthy of a figure skater in Russia.


I spend my winter holidays very well.I had a lot of fun:went to the cinema with my friends,played football with them.Also i had a lot of free time! 
On my winter holidays I celebrated a New Year Party.My family and I spend it together.It was really good!!! 
I love winter very much!!!