Поставити слова в дужках в правильних формі
1) Travelling by plane is (fast) way of travelling.
2)Travelling by train is (cheap) than travelling by bus.
3)travelling by ship is (interesting)than travelling by plane.
4)tickets for planes are (expensive).
5)i like to travel by car. it is (exciting)king of travelling for me.
6)i don`t like travelling by bus. it is (slow).


Ответы и объяснения

1. Travelling by plane is fastest way of travelling.
2. Travelling by train is cheaper than travelling by bus.
3. Travelling by ship is more interesting than travelling by plane.
4. Tickets for planes are most expensive.
5. I like to travel by car. It is most exciting kind of travelling for me.
6. I don't like travelling by bus. It is most slow.