Помогите составить англ. предложения со словами Fast, quickly, before, tomorrow, high, here, much, long, far, carefully, early, wide, quietly, once, well, inside, today, badly, sometimes, usually, always, there, late, above, aloud, brightly, since, many, correctly, weekly, nearly, nicely, noisily, outside, politely, slowly, suddenly, windy, often, low, just. несколько слов можно использовать в одном предложении


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 I can run fast if I want.

She had to go home very  quickly because she  it was too  late and dark

He had done his homework carefully  before  he went  there.

Tomorrow the sun will shine brightly and  it will not be windy.

Usually I get up early in the morning. But today he felt  badly  and  could not go anywhere.

Suddenly they saw  a high  tree  not far from their place.

Sometimes  children play noisily outside   and  I  can*t  write my poems  here.

He always speaks very politely and slowly.

It was long ago I  was going quietly along a wide street when a man began to read aloud in a low voice one of my poems. Many people   standing  around  told  me that they were happy to listen to my poems very much.

Once   there lived a beautiful princess. She had to stay inside a high tower nearly all her life.

Imagine! I haven*t seen him since my childhood and  I * ve just met him  on the bus stop.

He  often writes  compositions correctly and  well enough.

Weekly we see  a lot of balloons   above  the houses  they are flying    nicely in the sky