My favourite animal is cat. It is nice. It has got funny ears, green eyes and soft tail. It can jump, play and run. It lives in my room. It eats fish and meat.
шо за бред?

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My favorite animal is a clouded leopard. The reason they are called clouded leopards is because instead of spots, they have cloud like markings that are black and tan. The reason they became my favorite animal is because we went to the zoo in first grade. Then, after the field trip we had to do a report on an animal we saw at the zoo, since it was so beautiful, I picked the clouded leopard to do my report on.
My favorite animal is a cat.They are very funny and cute.Even though I don't have a cat, I still like them.but I see them very often because my neighbor has 2 and my aunt also has 2 cats.They scratch alot.If cats hiss at you, you know you're bothering them.There are wild cats but I don't know about them.Sometimes I get scared when it comes to cats.Cats can be very scary sometimes.My mom won't let have a cat because she said she can think of 20 reasons to not have a cat.I love cats!