1) What is an island?

2) Is United Kingdom situated on an island on a continent?

3) What territory does Northern Ireland occupy?

4) How many parts does Great Britain consist of?

5) What are their names?

6)Where are they situated?

7) What is Great Britain surrounded by?

8) What can you say about the rivers in Great Britain?

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Ответы и объяснения

1) An island can be defined as a piece of land that is surrounded by water. 
 The United Kingdom is situated on the British Isles
It occupies more than    square km
The UK consists of  four parts.
 They are: England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.
6) They situated  in the north-west of Europe
7) Great Britain  is surrounded by the Atlantic ocean. the North sea
8) There are many rivers in Great Britain such as: the Thames. the Severn (the longtst river). the Avon. the Clyde and a lot of small rivers