составить рассказ о своем любимом писателе,на АНГЛИЙСКОМ языке,по на плану:


2.Country of birth

3.The time he/she lived

4.Some facts from his/her life

5.The books he/she wrote

6.The most famous book by this author


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Charles Dickens is the famous English writer. He was born on the 7 of February in 1812. He was born in a poor family/ When Charles Dickens was ten  his father was put in pirson because he had debts and the boy had to work. He began to work in blacking factory. Later he discribe this period of his life in his novel "David Copperfield".  When he was 25 years old he became one of the most famous and best newspaper reporters in London. "The Pick- wick Papers" was the first great work which was published in April, 1836. In the last years of his life Dickens began to meet with his readers and gave public readings from his own works. He died in the summer,1870