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Sometimes we do not think, how to protect nature? And throw all sorts of candy wrappers, papers on the street letting the bushes, although there is a blank next to the urnThere are people whomake the "bungeein the trees, and at the same time do not even think that hurt the tree, and from that they receive a pleasure.Protection of nature depends only on us. If we fail to protect the environment, what will happen to herForests die, the river dried upa word of nature will not be. A man - etoved also part of nature.Without human nature will not, and no human nature will notThen let's protect nature!

To the trees were beautiful and did not get the pain, you should notbreak the branches, not to throw them in the snow lumpsTo makethe grass was young and pleased us with its color, should not walkon the grass and on asphalt, then we will be pleased with grasseverywhere. In the nature of the need to look and seeFor each day of nature rejoiced us with their beautyThen our world will be the most beautiful, green and happy world.