People often say our modern way of life, with its individualism and speed, has mode the world a lonely place. So many of us live and work surrounded be people, but it is hard to find true friendship. The faces we see each day are like picturec in a gallery; the talk that we hear is just sound. Perhaps this is why the websites like 'Facebook','Contacts' are so popular these days. They allow people to communicate and even become close without meeting up. It seems that many people's idca of friendship has changed nowadays. But what is friendship?


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Most people have a different idea of what friendship really means. Some people are instantly trusting of new people, and accept them into their heart without question. For these types of folks, they assume someone is their friend until they find out otherwise.Other people, however, might act "friendly" with someone but not consider them a friend for quite a while. Perhaps these types of people need to get know someone better before they even consider labeling them as a friend. Or perhaps they already have a lot of friends and therefore wouldn't consider someone they occasionally at social events a friend.