... Excuse me for a short letter but my mother is waiting for me to go shopping. How I hate these long walks around the supermarket pushing a trolley. But mother thinks it's my duty to help her carry food for the whole week ( is if we don't have a car). The only good thing is that I can look for a new musical CD.
And do you go shopping with your parents? Do you feel comfortable in big supermarkets or in small boutiques? What are thing you really like buying?

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Dear (имя адресата),
I was glad to get your letter.It was really great to hear from you! You say that you hate these long walks around the supermarket. I really can't understand why!
I love it! I always go shopping with my mother and I feel pretty comfortable in both 
big supermarkets and in small boutiques. Anyway it depends on a person. I am a shopoholic like my mum and that's why we love it. I love buying clothes and shoes and different books...well, I just love the process.
Anyway, I have to go now because my Mum asked me to help her with the shopping. So don't be silly and enjoy yourself in the shops.
Take care and keep in touch and drop me a letter when you can.
Lots of love,
своё имя