Ответы и объяснения

1. She said that she is reading
2. They said that they are busy
3. He said that he knows a bette restaurant
4. She said that she woke up early
5. He said thet he will ring her.
6. They said that they have just arrived
7. He said that he will clearn the car
8. She said that she did not say that.
9. She said that she doesn't know where my shoes are
10. He sais that he won't call enyone.

1. They said that this is their book.
2. She said thet she went to the cinema yesterday
3.He said that he is writing a test tomorrow
4. You said that you will do this for him.
5. She said that she is not hungry now.
6. They said that they never been here before
7. They said that they were in London last week.
8. He said that he will has finished this paper by tomorrow.
9. He said that they won't sleep
10. She said that it is very quiet here.