Cрочно пожалуйста помогите .Напишите, что по-вашему, может вызвать конфликт и непонимание между:
родителями и подростками
generally speaking ,my parents and i get on very well with each other ,but sometimes we can`t avoid conflicts.usually these conflicts happen when.........

it would be ideal not to have any conflicts at all, but if they happen , it`s important to resolve them as soon as possible . the most effective way to a family conflict resolution is..............


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Когда они не разрешают что либо, когда вощвращаешься поздно домой, когда не ешь кашу :)
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generally speaking ,my parents  and i get on very  well with each  other ,but sometimes we  can`t  avoid  conflicts. Usually these conflicts happen when I leave my room untidy. They demand to clean it and make all things in order. I agree with them, but sometimes I like do nothing. Another conflict happens when I go home late. My parents go overboard with discipline and involvement in my life.  They want to control each step, I understand that, but I need to communicate and spend time with my friends. Then together we try to discuss my behavior. And I think the most effective way to avoid conflict is to trust each other.