Помогите написать официальное письмо!
Letter of complaint - письмо жалоба

You have ordered some goods from the Internet store.

You are not satisfied with the servise. Write a letter of complaint, express your dissatisfaction and explain the reasons


Ответы и объяснения

Dear sir,
I'm writing in order to complain about the service of your Internet store. I have ordered some goods from there and I'm not satisfied with the level of this shop work.
Firstly, I think all users would be grateful if you could make the design of your sight simpler and handier. In addition, quite a big amount of adverts on the sight of this shop is annoying.
Another thing I would like to complain about is the fact that there is no opportunity to pay buyings by the internet. That is a real disantdvantage because I am get used to use internet bank.
Finally, I think introducing such favour as the delivery buyings to the customers' houses would make your Internet shop more essential and useful.
In conclusion, I am pleased with the wide range of goods in this Internet shop. However, making up for above-mentioned disadvantages would be great.